Brilliantly fast 2-minute "instant" kimchi made from sauerkraut. Korean spicy and super healthy with lots of vitamin C.

K Orean food is just the booming food trend. While a few years ago the Thai restaurants opened with coconut soups and red, green and yellow curry dishes on every corner, now the Koreans are off to extend the Asian Horizon of the Germans: Korean Bimbimbab, Bulgogi and Kimchi are now at least as popular as the famous Chinese Duck in sweet and sour sauce. Especially kimchi is a real highlight. The fermented vegetables in the spicy red paste are bursting with fantastic taste and also bring plenty of natural vitamin C and probiotic bacteria.

Kimchi is often served in small bowls to eat, so you can always take a bite (or better, a chopstick) of it and combine it to its main meal - similar to Indian chutneys. But it also acts as an important ingredient in various dishes. I am e.g. addictive kimchi soup with tofu - simply delicious!

The fermentation of kimchi is in itself a real breeze: the vegetables (very popular are all types of cabbage) is first strongly salted, then with a paste of sugar, Salt, chili flakes and other flavor-rich ingredients mixed and filled into containers. There it may then unkühlt days and weeks "in front of him". After all, the fermentation process is nothing more than a natural, deliberate processing process with good bacteria - lactic acid fermentation. These bacteria have a germicidal effect and make the vegetables resistant to perishable influences such as rot and mildew. In addition, they provide the gut-protective, probiotic effect.

Those who secretly shake the word "fermentation" - the good old German sauerkraut is nothing else than cabbage fermented with salt and has been cooking in Germany for centuries and cellars.

And this sauerkraut is the perfect basis for the ingenious 2-minute instant kimchi. If you have not had any experience with fermentation in your kitchen and feel like bringing home the Korean flavor, the "instant" kimchi is the perfect way to get started.(For years now, I love my Mr. Magic * for such smaller mixing and grinding jobs.)

Mix the drained sauerkraut well with the kimchi paste in a bowl. That's it!

If you like, garnish the kimchi with chopped green onions and some insam.

Serve the instant kimchi immediately or several weeks in one (previously rinsed very hot) Keep the jar in the refrigerator.

Try kimchi with burgers, grilled meats, roasted vegetables, in a vegetable broth with tofu, As a savory little side dish to egg dishes, salads, rice ... your Kombinationswillen are almost no limits set.

If you are vegetarian, you could also omit the fish sauce and possibly give a pinch of salt additional to Kimchi paste .

If you like it a bit sharper, you can add 1 tablespoon of Korean chili paste (gochujang).

The instant kimchi lingers in a clean glass jar in the fridge for many weeks. To prevent "bad" bacteria or spores from entering the jar and forming mold, always use a clean spoon to remove kimchi.

 2-Minute Instant Kimchi - lightning fast, Korean hot with lots of vitamin C  2-minute Instant Kimchi - lightning fast, Korean hot with plenty of vitamin C
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